Looking for a freelance web designer in Singapore?

Hi I’m Simon. A Freelance Web Designer from England, currently living and working in Singapore

You are probably thinking who is this guy you see photos of all over this website? Well I moved to Singapore in 2013 having spent the majority of my career working in London in the marketing departments of a number of companies. My first taste of web design started over 15 years ago and what began as a hobby and something I loved to tinker around with is now my passion and profession.

My broad industry experience enables me to work easily with a variety of different businesses. The highlight of my digital work was winning the UK’s best website award for a large services company in 2010.

I have had brief spells of working in Lebanon and Africa and a short career as a golf professional in Europe. In my spare time I still love to play and teach golf.

Here are my thoughts on building websites for small businesses like you

Having worked with a number of start ups and small businesses I see a similar pattern happening time and time again when it comes to setting up an ecommerce store. Initially many small companies will start off by trying to build their own website with Wix or any of these other DIY companies that market everywhere. They look like inexpensive ways to set up a store. Little do people know how long it takes to write good content, source images, get fast hosting etc. Finally after several months they have themselves some sort of basic website which looks like everyone elses and they think that’s it – the money will start rolling in. They leave it one week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month and still no sales. What’s wrong? They decide it must be the homepage doesn’t look right or they need some better product images so they change these. This doesn’t bring in any more sales either. I could go on …

What they really need is a plan for the website from the start. What does the website want to achieve, who are the target audience, how will I bring customers to the site, who is going to update the website, who will make sure it is secure from hacking, who is going to write new content for the site etc, etc.

This is when I decided to offer fully managed websites for a small monthly payment. That way the customer can get a professionally built website that grows with the business leaving the owner the time to sell the business and do the hundreds of other tasks small business owners need to do.

Want to find out more give me a call.

Why choose me?

Monthly Pricing

I offer monthly website design packages whereby I continue to develop the website on a regular basis. I have found this not only allows the small company or business to spread out the cost of owning a website, it frees up time for the business owner to concentrate on selling the business. It also gives them an experienced Web Developer moving their website forward.


You may just want a simple website highlighting your services that you don’t think will need many changes going forward. If this is the case you will probably want to pay a one off fee for a website and then update it yourself. I can train you to add text, images and make updates to the site.

A good understanding of small business marketing

Having worked with many start ups and small business I can pass on my valuable experience to not only give your website the best chance of success but also your business.

Singapore based

It is tempting for startups and small business to be lured into outsourcing their websites to companies in foreign countries in the search of a cheap site. I have seen many of the results. It is not worth it. I am based in Singapore so I can arrange face to face meetings and training. If you prefer Skype, or Microsoft Teams I am happy to communicate via these methods.

Advice on extra services

As a start up or small business there will be lots of decisions that will need to be made that you may have never thought of. How will you source photographs, get a new company logo, choose a payment gateway for online payments, how other small companies are marketing themselves in Singapore etc. Just ask me.

Specialist knowledge of sports marketing

Having built websites for 20 plus golf clubs, tennis clubs, sportsmen etc plus actively written marketing and sales plan for them then you will get some specialist knowledge from me that not many other Web Designers will be able to offer.