Lil Jewellery


Lil Jewellery, a Singapore based company run by an Expat, had been selling their jewellery through pop ups and stalls throughout Singapore. They wanted us to help them to increase the size of their market through the development of an ecommerce store. Lil were keen to highlight bright colours in their shops design whilst presenting their bracelets and necklaces in a clean, simple yet stylish way. It was also important to them that they could manage the shop and make any updates, changes to products when necessary.


We adopted a very collaborative approach with this website as being designers themselves they had a very clear idea of how they wanted to present themselves online. Through one-to-one sessions we were able to go through all the design elements of the site and build a store that truly reflected their brand. As well as the design aspects of the site we addressed a number of technical issues by placing all their URL’s and hosting together under one roof. We trained their team on updating and managing the site. With this Lil Jewellery now had full control over their own website.

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